Better Together

Quara Holding is committed to advancing social responsibility and cultural inclusivity, both in-house and throughout the region. This vision for a better future has led us to support the companies we invest in, through the One Community initiative. Its aim is to help disadvantaged families in the community through the restoration and refurbishment of their homes at no cost. With One Community, Quara Holding is lending a helping hand to those who need it most.


  • Plumbing and Painting
  • Electrical Maintenance and Home Appliances
  • Home Repair and Furniture Renewal


  • Ramadan food distribution
  • Blood donation
  • Migrant medical camps
  • Vitamin D health checks for children and students


2020 Professional Volunteering Forum for One Community achieving Saudi Vision 2030.


Quara Holding is a champion of our female colleagues, many of whom hold several senior managerial roles. Our Women Empowerment campaign highlights their work and profiles as a source of pride.

Madawy AlDahmsh – Al Qasr Mall & Leasing Director

When I began my career in the banking and financial sectors, my goal was to work with a Saudi company that could keep pace with the ambition of the state and the 2030 vision to support Saudi women. Dar Al Arkan rose to that challenge, exhibiting the vision to enable a team of women as key contributors across the real estate sales channel.

After proving myself, I was able to accept the role of senior sales manager, working with the leadership of Dar Al Arkan to collectively overcome obstacles and create positive solutions for the company and its female executives. My high ambitions manifested on real grounds when I was entrusted with managing the Palace Mall and the residential complex. As the first woman with such a role in Riyadh, there were additional challenges in day-to-day relations with both tenants and international companies. Throughout my career, I have drawn on the power of these words ‘Do not stand still waiting for success to arrive. Move towards success and embrace that path fully.’ I believe that this is the real definition of challenge and achievement.

Kolood Algofaily – COO of Dar Al Arkan Properties

I am an experienced executive with 17 years’ experience in Retail Banking and Wealth Management. I hold a bachelor’s degree in English Literature from Qassim University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Leicester, UK. I started my career in Arras as a customer relations representative at a time where it was very unusual for fresh female graduates to pursue a career in the private sector. I worked hard and progressed throughout several branches until I made it successfully to District Manager, a job that had previously been held predominantly by males from the financial sector. I then diversified, handling a portfolio of departments including Business Partner in Human Resources. I then returned to retail banking as Regional Head of Retail Banking and Wealth Management, a job that was offered for the first time to a female leader in the bank as well as in the market. For two and a half years, I headed up the Central region, leading a proficient team of 700+. My remit was to strategically steer a network of 60 branches while consolidating them as leading centres of wealth and financial advisory in the region. I drove performance, focusing on generating revenue, enhancing customer experience, promoting digital banking and increasing operational efficiency via redeployment of resources across the Central region.
I’m proud to have been part of several D&I initiatives led by SABB bank focusing on women empowerment and financial inclusion.
In my role as Chief Operating Officer for Dar Al Arkan Properties, I lead multiple departments across the Kingdom and am in charge of driving our ambitious vision that further compliments the greater vision of Saudi 2030.


We are always looking to give back. If you would like to hear more about our initiatives or are interested in partnering with us, connect with us today.