Quara Robotics Launch First State-of-the-art Showroom In Saudi Arabia


The company aims to help shape public perception towards robotics in support of creating a smart society in Saudi Arabia


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 18th January 2023: Quara Holding, the leading technology startup incubator and innovation hub has launched its first showroom for its subsidiary, Quara Robotics, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The state-of-the-art showroom will enable customers to see first-hand the full range of robots available for a variety of everyday uses and better understand how they can benefit from Quara’s robotics products through the guidance of Quara’s expert sales representatives. 


As the Kingdom blazes through its digital transformation journey, robots offer effective solutions in both personal and professional capacities further championing the transition toward a smart and technology-oriented society. By launching its showroom, Quara aims to normalize the utilization of robotics by providing an innovative space where consumers can understand and learn about the uses of robotics products for their homes or businesses. 


Quara Robotics is focused on high-tech robotic automation and artificial intelligence that will pioneer ground-breaking technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Quara robots are developed and programmed by utilizing machine learning, voice recognition and complete 100% autonomy. Integrating Quara Robots in daily life will help reduce costs, save time, improve efficiency, offer a seamless contactless experience, enhance customer satisfaction, reduce the spread of infectious diseases, and scale up humankind skills.


Commenting on the launch of the showroom, Ziad El-Chaar, Vice Chairman of Quara Holding, said: “We develop robotics products that can be easily incorporated into daily life to serve several purposes such as education, security, housekeeping, and more. By launching our showroom, we are giving consumers the opportunity to visit us and enhance their understanding of how they can use our robots to maximize productivity in their daily lives. We also have cutting-edge products specifically designed for businesses that will boost efficiency and organization across the board.


“We want to contribute to the Kingdom’s promising efforts of developing a smart society by creating products that are accessible and straightforward to use. We aim to remove any stigma associated with robots and create a forward-thinking culture of adaptability to technological solutions that will support our advancement into the future” El-Chaar added.

Quara Robotics have produced several robots that perform various services and can serve many functional purposes. These include waiter and runner robots for cafes and restaurants, greeting robots, delivery robots, and security robots for all forms of businesses as well as hospital-grade cleaning robots. Quara have also developed highly intelligent pet robots for home environments, and teaching robots that assist with learning and development for children.


Quara Robotics showroom is located at King Abdulaziz Road, Al Wazarat District, Riyadh. Visit our showroom and take a look at our website on www.quararobotics.com to learn more about our robots and how they can benefit your business and personal needs. 

About Quara Holding:

Armed with a passion for progress, expertise, and an unwavering commitment, Yousef bin Abdullah al Shelash, along with fellow visionaries had an idea to form a strategic ecosystem between three industries, real estate, finance, and technology. Hence, Quara Holding was born, an investment company with an eye on the future.

Today, Quara Holding positions itself as the best among real estate investment companies, logistic companies, home loans providers, and financial companies across several countries. Dar Al Arkan, the real estate branch under Quara Holding’s strategic ecosystem with the highest market value, has launched its China office in Beijing at the end of 2021.


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