Saudi Lime Industries Co “Saudi Lime” appointed AlKhair Capital as its financial advisor


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; 30 October 2022: Saudi Lime Industries Co, a closed joint-stock company headquartered in Riyadh, appointed AlKhair Capital Saudi Arabia (“AlKhair Capital”) as its financial advisor for the purpose of an initial public offering on the Saudi parallel market (“Nomu”). 

Saudi Lime also appointed Center for Corporate Services (CCS) as its project manager. The company clarified that the potential IPO will be subjected to regulatory’ s approvals from the Saudi Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) and the Saudi Stock Exchange (“Tadawul”).


Saudi Lime Industries Co was established on 10/04/1397H (corresponding to 30/03/1977G) with a current capital of SAR 200 million. The company’s business is focused on the production of chemical elements, blocks and bricks, quick lime, hydrated lime and other lime derivatives. 


The agreement was signed by Mr. Abdulaziz bin Majid Al Qasabi, Chairman of the Board on behalf of Saudi Lime, in the presence of board members Mr. Abdulaziz bin Tariq Al Bassam, and Mr. Abdul Majeed bin Hamad Abdullah Al Jumaih, and Mr. Ahmed Salim Elewa, CEO of Saudi Lime. From AlKhair Capital’s side, Mr. Rayan bin Hamad AlKhowaiter, Deputy CEO, was present for the signing.


Mr. Rayan bin Hamad AlKhowaiter, Deputy CEO, said: “We’re very pleased to sign this agreement with Saudi Lime.  AlKhair Capital is keen to choose sectors that can add value to the market, especially distinguished companies in their field which can provide investors with an opportunity to diversify their investments through the Saudi Parallel Market (Nomu).”


AlKhair Capital is a pioneer in providing financial services in asset management, investment banking and custody and brokerage. Through these products, AlKhair Capital aims to be the leading Shari’ah Compliant investment services provider in the Arabian Gulf, coupled with the exceptional service and operational integrity.


About Alkhair Capital Saudi Arabia:

Alkhair Capital Saudi Arabia, a financial market institution licensed by the Capital Market Authority with License No. 08120-37 dated 17/11/2008, to practice the activity of dealing and custody, managing investments, operating funds, arranging, and providing advice in securities business in accordance with the provisions of Islamic Sharia. Alkhair Capital Saudi Arabia is a closed joint-stock company according to the regulations of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its paid-in capital is 1 billion Saudi riyals.


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